An artist, an entertainer: Harjeet Mehndi

Harjeet Mehndi is a natural crowd charmer. One of the six brothers of Daler Mehndi he wooed the audiences with his performance at the 9th Annual Festival of India and Parade held in Fremont, CA. Harjeet's debut album, titled 'Paro' is already under production and will hit music.

IP: How, when and from where did you begin your journey of music?

HM: My musical training began from within my house, when I was only 7 years old. My first gurus were my father and my uncle, Prof. Ranjit Singh from them I received training for music and also tabla. As I grew older, I began learning from Ustad Rahat Ali Khan, though he was the guru of my elder brother Daler Mehndi, but I took him to be my ustad in my heart. I admire his gayaki (style of singing) very much

IP: Was it because your home had an atmosphere that was conductive for learning music and pursuing it as a career or did you want to become something else?

HM: The fact that there was so much music in our house was a good and also a not so good a thing. Good cause it was a perfect atmosphere to learn and grow in music, music is God's gift and it's you who has to realize this as a talent.

It wasn't that I didn't want to do anything but sing or play tabla but for the last 7-8 years, since I've been professionally involved in this field, I too have grown with my music and have the dream to achieve certain heights and create some beautiful music.

IP: Your older brother, Daler Mehndi is the undisputed King of Punjabi pop and your younger brother Mika is creating his own following in the world of music. How does it feel when comparisons are drawn between you and them?

HM: Whenever I go to India I always perform with my brothers. I enjoy performing with Mika. As for my older brother Dalerji, last year I performed in almost 30 shows with him as a guest appearance.

Singer Harjeet Mehndi receiving Award of Distinction from Grand Marshall Dr. Vyjayantimala. Bali flanked by Dr. Romesh Japra and Rajesh Verma on the left.

I am very proud of both my brothers and I say it with pride and happiness that I am their brother. As for comparisons, each of us has our own style, our own characteristics of singing and the rest is all up to the people who listen to us. It's our listeners, our viewers and the audience that can make or break an artist.

IP: What kind of music do you enjoy?

HM: I like all genre's of music. I myself sing different kinds of things, I sing ghazals and also bhajans and of course pop music. My favorite of all however is ghazal singing and also pops singing to some extent.

IP: You are releasing your first pop album titled 'PARO". What is the album all about?

HM: Paro is essentially a Hindi pop album, with one Punjabi pop song, called 'Challa'. The titled song, Paro is set to a catchy beat, very similar to any Punjabi rhythm. Itís light-hearted, carefree album, very cheerful and fun to listen to and I hope people will enjoy it.