11th Septmeber 2003, India Today

Ha (a) r - ya - jeet?

Harjeet Mehndi, Daler's kid brother, is set to release his debut album.

"WE ARE buddies, daler and I, but he is also my guru, I used to play tabla with him," says Harjeet Mehndi, younger brother of Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi, who is set to release his debut album Nach Punjaban Nach in "a couple of weeks". Unlike Mika who took great pains to rid himself of the 'Daler's brother' tag, Harjeet has no qualms about his name being associated with his elder brother: "There is no way I can hide that Daler is my brother and no matter what the rest of us do we will end up being referred to as his brother, which is not that bad in any case."

Nonetheless, Harjeet insists he has his own style. The singer has been based in the US for the past 18 years and, apart from a day job as the manager of "a firm that makes artificial hearts and lungs", he has been performing there for 10 years now. Nach Panjaban Nach marks his foray into the Indian market.

"The album's music is by Dalerji. We've got songs in Hindi and Punjabi and bits of English rap," says Harjeet. Harjeet has opted for a more "casual look minus the turban" in the video of the title track rather than ape brother Daler's flashy signature style. Harjeet also plans to try his hand at playback singing.

Paving the way for his three other brothers to enter music? "Yes they will also ultimately enter this industry," says Harjeet. Prepare for the Mehndi invasion!